X1535P - 3.5 Octave Synthetic Bar Field Xylophone


The Majestic Quantum Series 3.5 octave synthetic bar xylophone meets the demands of contemporary front ensemble performance. Its rugged frame with versatile mounting options and black resonators set it apart. A special synthetic bar formula with woodgrain print produces exceptionally warm tone.

– Specially formulated synthetic bars utilize a unique woodgrain print process to attenuate unwanted overtones, enhance tonal warmth and control decay.
– Heavy-Duty Field Frame with 8″ wheels and pneumatic cylinder aided height adjustment for reliable, smooth and easy operation.
– A wide range of precision quint-tuning is employed for a consistent sound throughout the range of the instrument.


– 3.5 Octave
– Synthetic Bars w/ Woodgrain Water Print Finish
– Quint tuned
– Quantum Field Frame w/ Pneumatic Height Adjustment
– Black Finish Resonators
– Range: F4 – C8
– Bar Width: 1.5″ (38 mm)
– 8″ Cushioned Flat-Free Wheels
– Accessory Mounting Bar included
– Dropcover + Mallets included