V1530S - 3.0 Octave Silver Bar Field Frame Vibraphone


The Majestic Quantum 3 octave vibraphone meets the demands of modern front ensemble performance. Its rugged frame with versatile mounting options and black resonators set it apart. Meticulously tuned silver bars produce full-bodied tone that can fill stadiums while retaining a lush, warm timbre.

– Heavy-Duty Field Frame with 8″ wheels and pneumatic cylinder aided height adjustment for reliable, smooth and easy operation.
– Tapered damper bar ensures greater dampening consistency throughout the range of the instrument, allowing for improved player control and expression
– Wide pedal with dual pull rods improves player comfort and instrument reliability


  • 3.0 Octave
  • Aluminum Alloy Bars w/ Silver Anodized Finish
  • Notched Rubber Belt with Steel Reinforcement
  • Quantum Field Frame w/ Pneumatic Height Adjustment
  • Black Finish Resonators
  • Range: F3 – F6
  • Bar Width: 2.25″ – 1.5″ (57 – 38mm)
  • 8″ Cushioned Flat-Free Wheels
  • Accessory Mounting Bar Included