Prophonic Series


From stage to car in simple steps, innovative Prophonic timpani place the superior sound of fully suspended cambered copper or aluminum kettles on an elegant portable frame.

– Deep drawn seamless cambered copper or aluminum kettle
– Balance style pedal system, easy to operate.
– Pedal And Legs Are Fully Collapsible For Ease Of Transportation

Copper and Aluminum:
Copper Hammered
Copper Polished


  • Precision Hammered Cambered Copper Kettle
  • Folded Rounded Bearing Edge
  • Portable Cast Aluminum Suspension Frame With Locking Wheels
  • Up to 1 octave tuning Range
  • Remo Renaissance Head
  • Tuning Key And Damping Pad Included
  • Mallet Holder (in 26″) And Mallets Included
  • Foldable Pedal And Legs For Easy Transportation


Copper Hammered 
20” – PR2000H
23” – PR2300H
26” – PR2600H
29” – PR2900H
32” – PR3200H
Available in German (G) or American (A) setup.

Copper Polished 
20” – PR2000
23” – PR2300
26” – PR2600
29” – PR2900
32” – PR3200
Available in German (G) or American (A) setup.

23” – PRA2300
26” – PRA2600
29” – PRA2900
32” – PRA3200
Available in German (G) or American (A) setup.

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