MPS1465MB - 14" x 6,5 Thick Maple Prophonic Snare Drum


Balanced, bright, and responsive, Prophonic 14″x6.5″ Thick Maple Snare Drum is able to articulate the most complex and exposed figures.

– The Multi-link strainer system with four smooth independent triggers in addition to a master throw off, allows the performer to adjust their timbre quickly and easily.
– Combination of cables and heads are specifically chosen to best compliment the tonal possibilities of the thick maple shell.
– Prophonic Series Pro Tour Case included and keeps your drum safe.


  • 14″ x 6.5″
  • Thick Maple
  • Chrome Hardware Fittings
  • Black Dawn Burl Lacquer Shell Finish
  • Remo Renaissance Ambassador Batter Head
  • Multi-link Strainer System
  • 4 Types Pre-set Snare Cables; Optional Cables Available For Change


Cable Options:
– RK2: 2 strand red glass beads
– MC8: 8 strand black coated cable
– 06STS6: 6 strand medium uncoated cable
– NGS6: 6 strand thin nickel wound