Dating back more than a century, brass has been a preferred snare drum shell material providing extreme clarity and performance in a variety of musical settings. The antique nickel brushed finish over a 1.2mm brass shell exudes understated elegance while facilitating desirable tonality and sensitivity throughout the extremities of dynamic range.

– The smooth and silent OP-01 strainer is a simple and classic functional design featuring a laser-engraved knurled vertical fine tuner
– The integrated bridge sets the optimal angle allowing the snare cables to establish a true and consistent point of contact with the
resonate side head. The result is extreme responsiveness at all dynamic levels and playing areas of the drum.
– To achieve a classic and elegant look as well as maximum shell resonance, the Opus One series drums feature the chrome plated „I“
– Each model features its own unique set of hybrid or single snare cables in order to maximize sensitivity.
– The revolutionary “Rigid-Cast” claw hook design utilizes an oblong receiver hole enclosed in a diecast housing which prevents cracking,
ensures proper tuning alignment, and allows flexible tolerance for both synthetic and natural heads.
– Each model comes with specific head combinations and specific DrumdialTM; tuning suggestions through extensive testing and collaboration
with world renowned artists.
– Each model comes Frequency Modifier (FM) accessories intended to allow performers to quickly modify the snare drum’s tone. Extensively
tested and tailored using the most suitable materials, shapes, and weights as to not muffle desirable frequencies or stifle the drum’s
response, but rather allow the player to enhance and expand the pallet of sounds available.


– 14″ X 4″
– Brass
– Shell: Brass (1.2m)
– Bearing Edge: Inner Sharp 45° (both sides)
– Finish: Antique Nickel Brushed
– Hoop: Single Flanged (Brass)
– Lug: Chrome I Lug
– Strainer: The OP-01 Strainer
– Snare Cables: ST16-1401 Uncoated Stainless (5) 0.6 mm cables & (11) 0.8 mm cables
– Heads: Batter: Evans Orchestra Staccato ; Snare: Evans 200
– Frequency Modifier : PFM1440/50
– Specifically with 14″x4″ &14″X5″ models in mind. Suitable for any 14″diameter drum
– Optional XS750A-MH Snare Stand Available