MCTC - Concert Black Single Head Tom


Concert Black Toms Feature 100% Birch shells with SONIClear bearing edges, low-mass lugs and the I.T.S. mounting system to maximize tonal resonance. Available in both single and double-headed configurations, Concert Black toms are sold in sets of two and include a double stand.

– SONIClear ™ Suspension Mounting System for maximum tonal resonance.
– Concert Black Series Nightwood Black Vertical Woodgrain covered finish gives the drum a durable, maintainable wood texture.
– Single headed for open projecting tone.


  • 100% Birch Shell
  • SONIClear Bearing Edge
  • Chrome Hardware Fittings
  • Nightwood Black Vertical Woodgrain Covered Finish
  • Remo UT Clear Head


  • Sizes / Model NO.
    6″x8″ – MCTC0608S
    8″x8″ – MCTC0808S
    10″x10″ – MCTC1010S
    12″x10″ – MCTC1210S
    13″x11″ – MCTC1311S
    14″x12″ – MCTC1412S
    15″x14″ – MCTC1514S
    16″x14″ – MCTC1614S