M850HW - 5.0 Octave Reflection Rosewood Marimba


The Reflection Series Marimba is the beginning of a new era in mallet instruments. The evolution of performance and repertoire demands instruments that mirror the times and allow the personality of the musician to shine through.

– Integrated Bar Geometry with Free-Floating Bar Post
– Innovative Resonator Design
– Central Truss System with Modular Frame Design


  • 5.0 Octave
  • Rosewood Bars
  • Modular Frame
  • Leg Assembly: Uni-Lift single side height adjustment
  • White Finish Resonators
  • Range: C2 – C7
  • Bar Width: 76-41mm
  • Tuning Range: C2- C5
  • Tuning Cap: 37 ( 3 Octaves )
  • Height Range: 84 – 105.5 cm
  • Resonator: White
  • Overall Weight: 111.5 kg

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