M7750H - 5.0 Octave Wide Bar Rosewood Marimba


The Majestic Artist Series 5 octave marimba is a premium instrument with select rosewood bars, tunable low-range resonators and rugged frame and leg construction. Black offset arched resonators give the instrument a contemporary and stylish look. Crank-up height adjustment is fast and easy.

– Select rosewood bars with precision tuning for great tonal quality
– Solid wood end pieces and rails with heavy duty legs and cross bar provide maximum stability and reliability.
– Fine-tunable resonators below A2 can be adjusted to temperature and humidity in order to achieve maximum projection and sustain.


  • 5.0 Octave
  • Rosewood Bars
  • Rails with Re-Leveling Adjustment
  • Heavy-Duty Concert Leg Assembly w/ Crank-up Height Adjustment
  • Black Finish Resonators
  • Range: C2 – C7
  • Bar Width: 3.23″ – 1.6″ (82 – 41mm)
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