Light Weight Marching Bass Drum Black Hardware


The Majestic Light Weight Marching Bass Drum can be called extremely light. For example: the 24 x 10 inch bass drum (LWB2410) only weighs 4.5 kg. Heavy duty tension rods and die-cast aluminum lugs are built to handle the stress of high-tension tuning.

– Extreme light weight
– Black hardware
– Birch shell
– Equipped with Remo Powermax heads
– Standard available in gloss white (SW) covering. On request also available in other colors at no extra charge.


  • Black hardware
  • White coated
  • Shell: Birch
  • Extreme Light Weight
  • Equipped with Remo Powermax heads


  • Sizes / Model NO.
    20″x10″ – LWB2010 – 3,8 kg
    20″x14″ – LWB2014 – 4,4 kg
    22″x10″ – LWB2210 – 4,1 kg
    22″x14″ – LWB2214 – 4,7 kg
    24″x10″ – LWB2410 – 4,5 kg
    24″x14″ – LWB2414 – 5,1 kg
    26″x10″ – LWB2610 – 5,1 kg
    26″x14″ – LWB2614 – 6,0 kg

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