Endeavor Marching Tenor Drum (black hardware)


The Endeavor line from Majestic has been the face of many national and international music bands for years. A very comfortable drum to wear both with carrier and traditional with carrying strap. Easy to adjust due to the variable support plate. The ETD 1611, 16 inch diameter x 11 inch deep is a drum without a string mechanism. Used primarily for mid / low support in the percussion ensemble. Played with wooden stick or soft felt head. Depending on the music style. The kettle is made of Maple / Birch and therefore gives the traditional warm sound that fits perfectly with a orchestra or percussion line-up.

– Black Hardware
– Maple / Birch shell
– Standard available in gloss white (SW) covering. On request also available in silver diamond dazzle (CK) or gloss black (BL) at no extra charge.


  • Black hardware
  • White coated
  • Shell: Maple/Birch
  • Lugs: 8
  • Equipped with Remo Ambassador Smooth White head
  • Complete with multi angle carrying plate and knee plate.


  • Sizes / Model NO. / Weight
    16″ x 11″ – ETD1611 – 4,8 kg