The Endeavor line from Majestic has been the face of many national and international music bands for years. A very comfortable drum to wear both with carrier and with traditional with carrying strap. Due to the small diameter of 13″ or 14″ also very suitable for youth corps. Easy to adjust due to the variable support plate. With or without the use of the leg rest. The kettle is made of maple / birch giving it a traditional warm sound.

– Standard available in gloss white (SW) covering
– On request also available in silver diamond dazzle (CK) or gloss black (BL) at no extra charge
– Chrome hardware
– Equipped with an Ambassador Smooth White head
– Strainer: throw-off system
– Available with top snare system build in drum at extra charge
– T-wrench drum key, leg rest, carrying strap and drum sticks (MAH-TMH) included.


Lugs: 8
Sizes / Model No:
13″x10″ – ESS1310
14″x 6″ – ESS1406
14″x10″ – ESS1410
14″x12″ – ESS1412