C6618C - 18 note 1,5" chrome concert chimes


Majestic C6618C Deluxe chimes feature a 18 note range of 1.5″ chrome plated tubes for high quality tone and projection. An enclosed damper box ensures unhindered performance of the mechanism, while adjustable wheels allow instrument leveling to facilitate free resonance of the tubes.

– 1.5″ (38 mm) diameter brass tubes for strong tone and projection
– Enclosed damper box protects mechanism to ensure reliable performance
– Adjustable wheels facilitate leveling of instrument to allow tubes to ring freely


– 18 Notes
– 1.5″ (38 mm) Chrome Finished Brass Tubes
– Rounded Caps
– Concert Frame
– Range: C5 – F6
– Dropcover + 2 hammers (BKH01) included