Jie-Goo Lee was born in Seoul(South Korea). He was rasied in Brighton (U.K) and living in Germany since 2002. He took a Diploma of music degree from the University of Münster and a Meisterklassendiplom degree (the highest performance-diploma achievable in Germany) from the Hoschule für Musik Würzburg.

Mr. Lee has various and abundant experiences in the performance of several music genres including: solo performance, historical-music, new-music (avant-garde), duo, camber-music, orchestral-repertoire, percussion-ensemble, marimba-ensemble and improvisational music, etc.
Mr. Lee was a Finalists of European Music Prize for Youth 2006 and the youngest prize-winner at the Hummel Competition in Munich 2007. During the following year he won a First prize at the DAAD Wettbewerb held at the Hoschule für Musik Würzburg. He was one of the Percussion faculty members at the Hoschule für Musik Würzburg(2009-2012) and also at the University of Münster(2016-2017).

Mr. Lee has also fertile Orchestral performing experiences as follows: Dortmunder Philharmoniker, Essener Philharmoniker, Sinfonieorchester Münster, Gürzenich-Orchester Köln, Bielefelder Philharmoniker, Philharmonie Südwestfallen, Philharmonisches Orchester Würzburg, Vogtland Philharmonie Greiz/Reichenbach, Thüringer Symphoniker Saalfeld-Rudolstadt and other several German Professional Orchestras. At present Jie-Goo Lee is actively engaged as a performing artist/clinician for Majestic percussion.

The Wonderful Sound with a Robust Frame makes Majestic mallet instruments "must have it". Also the rich Sound with a Portable frame makes Majestic Percussion instruments "first choice".