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The ‚products‚ button will lead you to our product range. Here you will find photos and descriptions of our products. If available, click the ‚read more‚ button for more product pictures, features and/or specifications. If you miss specific information, please feel free to contact us.

A lot of our instruments come with free accessories like mallets and covers or you can purchase them at an additional cost. Also, for a lot of instruments we offer different features and options. Please check the descriptions and specs per article or ask your dealer. 

For our concert percussion accessories: click here.

For our marching percussion accessories: click here.

Are you looking for dealers outside Europe? You can find them on the American or World locator pages.

Yes, we do. Please ask for our warranty conditions when purchasing.

If you experience a problem with your purchase, always contact your Majestic dealer first. Your dealer can estimate which steps to follow in order to solve the problem. If you cannot find a solution with your dealer, you can contact us directly.

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Majestic Holland is a B2B company.
Are you an end-user and would you like to purchase our products? Please contact a Majestic dealer in your area.
Do you have a registered company and are you interested in a dealership? Please contact us.

Often dealers can deliver our products from stock. If this is not the case, the delivery time depends per instrument and per country. It is best to consult your dealer for specific delivery times.

Yes! It is possible to purchase our timpani in both American and German set-up. Your dealer can inform you about the differences between these two playing styles.


Are you a percussionist who adds something to the music world? Then always contact us!

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