Majestic Carriers and Stands by XL Specialty Percussion Inc.

Aluminum Vest Marching Drum Carriers by XL Specialty®

Vest Snare Carrier Vest Tenor Carrier Vest Bass Carrier

Model No.
XLC-MSV2MHA Majestic Vest HT Snare Carrier by XL Specialty®
XLC-MSC2MHA Majestic Vest XT Snare Carrier by XL Specialty®
XLC-MTV2MHA Majestic Vest Tenor Carrier by XL Specialty®
XLC-MBC2MHA Majestic Vest Bass Carrier by XL Specialty®

Visit the Majestic Europe site for European style aluminum vest carrier options.

Exclusive Q-Ball™ Marching Drum Carriers

The Majestic Q-Ball™ vest carrier, by XL Specialist®, features a revolutionary, new adjustment system that allows multiple axis control of of shoulder pieces to fit all sizes and shapes comfortably.

The backs of these shoulder pieces distribute weight evenly, while reducing contact with pressure points on the spine and shoulder blades. Q-Ball™ carriers are finished in black, for a sleek look complementary to most uniforms colors.

Q-Ball Snare Carrier Q-Ball Tenor Carrier Q-Ball Bass Carrier

Model No.
XLC-MSV1MHA Majestic Q-Ball™ Vest HT Snare Carrier
XLC-MSC1MHA Majestic Q-Ball™ Vest XT Snare Carrier
XLC-MTV1MHA Majestic Q-Ball™ Vest Tenor Carrier
XLC-MBC1MHA Majestic Q-Ball™ Vest Bass Carrier

Majestic Carriers

All carriers are designed to accommodate many body shapes and sizes by allowing for adjustment of torso length, positioning of shoulder pieces, and two-way positioning of J-hooks.

Snare Carrier


Bass Carrier


Tom Carrier

Snare Carrier Bass Carrier Tom Carrier


J -Hooks

Two drum key bolts make for easy positioning of J-Hooks, which can then be securely locked into place.
Slotted Height Adjustment
The unique slotted height adjustment allows for quick fine tuning of the belly plate position without having to remove the hardware.
Plastic hand knobs
The plastic hand knobs are also included.

Model No.
ECH01 Snare Drum Carrier (Aluminum)
ECH02 Bass Drum Carrier (Aluminum)
ECH03 Tenor Carrier (Aluminum)

Majestic Accessories

KIHA0588 Drum key Single Stick Bag Double Stick Bag
Drum key
Single Stick Bag
Double Stick Bag

Model No.
KIHA0588 Majestic Drum Key
EBP095445MH Majestic Single Stick Bag for Snare Drum
EBP150445MH Majestic Double Stick Bag for Snare Drum