Endeavor Snare Drums

The Endeavor snare drum is available in a variety of sizes and with several options to best fit the needs of varying performance applications. It can be configured for an aluminum carrier or a traditional strap carriage and is available with or without a high strength aluminum batter side bearing edge ring. With the aluminum edge ring, this snare drum can stand up to the demands of today's high tension tuning, and produces a slightly enhanced tone with added projection. All Endeavor snare drums feature 2.3mm steel Power Hoops, with the exception of an available carrier-configured 10 lug heavy duty Deluxe model (with aluminum edge ring) which features high strength aluminum alloy hoops.

Carrier Style Endeavor Deluxe Snare Drums


Carrier Style Endeavor Snare Drums

Carrier style Deluxe Carrier Style
The Endeavor Deluxe Snare (carrier style) has an aluminum edge ring and deluxe snare guards that allow for stability and protection when the drum is set down. This snare also features a special aluminum alloy hoop able to withstand high tensions. Paired with ten high-tension lugs, this is the heaviest duty Endeavor snare drum configuration.

The standard Endeavor Snare drum (carrier style) features an aluminum bearing edge ring and a 2.3mm steel power hoop. The die-cast aluminum lug provides superior strength and tuning stability.

Strap Style Endeavor Snare Drums


English Style Military Band Snare Drum

Strap Style English Style Military Band Snare
All strap configured Endeavor snares include a multi-angle carrying plate, leg rest and strap. The Endeavor Strap Deluxe Snare includes the aluminum edge ring for additional strength of the batter side bearing edge. The Holland made Endeavor 9000 series snare drum combines traditional design with 12 lugs and aluminum stress rings. It guarantees the special sound necessary for this type of playing.


Swivel clip J-hook receivers
The swivel clip J-hook receivers allow for quick, easy, and secure carrier attachment and accommodate all J-hook diameters.
Aluminum edge
The Deluxe model strap snare and all carrier-configured snares include a specially designed aluminum edge ring that removes batter tension from the shell and produces a clear, bright tone.
Snare guards
Snare guards are standard on all Endeavor snares to protect the bottom head and synthetic gut snares.
Pro stainer and 12 strand synthetic guit
The smooth, quiet Pro strainer and twelve strand synthetic gut snares are standard, providing maximum durability and sensitivity.
TSS1001 Majestic Top Snare System
Unique top snare system designed for bands who prefer double snared drums. This snare system has a throw off handle and can still be adjusted like a fixed top system.

Standard Colors

Gloss White Blue Steel Gloss Black Metallic Red Grey Steel Silver Diamond Dazzle
Gloss White
Blue Steel
Gloss Black
Metallic Red
Grey Steel
Silver Diamond Dazzle