Contender snare drum CSC1412

Contender Snare Drums

The Contender snare drum is available in a variety of sizes to accommodate a wide range of applications and sound preferences. Whether used by the very youngest players, casual adult ensembles, or anything in between, there is a Contender snare that will be a perfect fit. They utilize standard crimped wire snares and a simple traditional throw off for reliable performance and easy snare replacement. Sticks and drum key are included with all Contender snare drums.


Traditional strap carriage

For those preferring a traditional strap carriage, the Contender snare is available pre-configured for this type of use.
Universal J-hook receivers
For Contender snare drums that are going to be used with carriers, universal J-Hook receivers are installed as standard equipment.
Multi-angle carrying plate
For snare drums intended for sling use, the strap, multi-angle carrying plate, and leg rest are included.