Symphonic Grand Timpani

Players at many levels require high performance...

Majestic Symphonic Grand timpani have been developed in the Netherlands’ oldest percussion factory in collaboration with various prominent timpani players from all over the world. These timpani have been designed to include professional features and tone while incorporating a less complicated block style pedal system with both hand and foot fine tuners for easy and precise tuning.

Easy transportability has also been taken into account: the stable cast frame is made of aluminum and has 2 double locking wheels in front and 2 wheels underneath the pedal for easy maneuvering. Combining high performance features with state-of-the-art manufacturing, Majestic‘s Symphonic Grand series makes professional level timpani available to a wider range of players.

Symphonic Grand

Symphonic Grand Standard NEW

Majestic Symphonic Grand timpani are now also available without hand and foot fine tuners in the Symphonic Grand Standard Series. Timpani players who prefer the blocked pedal system, but do not need the additional fine tuners can now choose from this new series which has all the advantages and features of the Majestic Symphonic Grand timpani, but at a more attractive price. The copper kettle is available in both a hammered and non-hammered version.

Symphonic Grand Standard

Block style pedal
Non-hammered kettle

Tuning gauge
Tuning gauge

Tuning gauge
Foot fine tuner
Tuning gauge
Highly accurate
hand fine tuner

Tuning gauge
Wheels below the pedal
for easy transportation
Tuning gauge
Mallet holder mounted
on every 26" timpani

The deep-drawn cambered kettle is manufactured from seamless copper. Form and depth are carefully calculated and construction takes place with the utmost precision. Because the rim on which the head rests forms part of the kettle, there is no resonance-distortion from any steel carrying rim on this instrument. The kettle’s suspension in its frame guarantees total purity of sound. The copper kettle is available in both a hammered and non-hammered version, depending on the desire for more or less overtones (brighter or darker sound).

A unique blocking system ensures that the pedal always remains exactly in the desired position. Applying slight pressure on the front unlocks the pedal. In addition to the main tuning pedal, this timpani has a unique fine-tuner pedal for easy fine-tuning even during actual playing.

All Majestic timpani are fitted with an extremely accurate, easily adjustable and eye-pleasing tuning gauge.

Majestic Symphonic-Grand timpani all have a range of more than 1 octave and come in the following sizes: 20", 23", 26”, 29” and 32”. All Majestic timpani can be ordered in either American or German set up. Tuning gauges will be placed accordingly.

Symphonic Grand's are standardly equipped with Remo Renaissance heads. Original Irish calfskin heads are also available at an extra charge.