Concert Timpani

Old traditions revived...

Over the last 20 years many large and small timpani-building companies have attempted to copy the models of well-know German timpani builders from the early twentieth century. Unfortunately they have not looked critically at the old construction techniques, some of which have serious drawbacks. Majestic, in co-operation with many famous timpanists, has succeeded in building a timpani that revives the old traditions while using state-of-the-art techniques to eliminate any of these drawbacks.

Grand Classic

Symphonic Grand


Grand Classic Symphonic Grand Prophonic
The ultimate timpani experience for professional players... Players at many levels require
high performance...
Finally a transportable timpani with professional sound qualities...




Symphonic Harmonic Concert
A timpani with extraordinary
acoustic properties..
For the band or professional
on the move...
The first transportable blocked pedal timpani that is really easy to transport...