Grand Classic Timpani

Designed to provide the ultimate timpani experience for professional players...

The Grand Classic series offers a wide selection of options that allow the player to customize their sound and performance. Players can choose the pedal system, finish, and heads to build a set that delivers unmatched performance while fitting their personal style and preferences.

Grand Classic

Berlin clutch
Berlin clutch

Berlin ratchet
Berlin ratchet

Dresden clutch
Dresden clutch

Tuning gauge
Tuning gauge

Tuning gauge
One lever wheel system

Tuning gauge
Nickel-plated tension hoops

The kettle is seamlessly deep-drawn from a single copper sheet using a computer-controlled deep-drawing press. This process guarantees optimum, consistent quality. The thickness and strength of each point on the kettle wall are exactly what they should be. After this deep-drawing process, the final tone of the timpani can be further refined by means of hammering.

With the Grand Classic, you can choose from the following three options, at no additional cost:

Non-hammered: offers a full, warm, dark sound with few overtones.
Standard-hammered: for greater clarity of timbre due to a broader range of overtones.
Fine-hammered: offers a luminously clear timbre with a broad range of overtones. (Fine-hammered will be supplied unless otherwise requested.)

The hammering process is fully automated. As a result, the timbre-change on the 20" timpani is exactly the same as the timbre-change on the 32" timpani, guaranteeing a well-attuned set of timpani. Timpani that you order later will also match perfectly with the rest of your set.

In addition to the various hammering methods, you can also choose between 3 different pedal systems within the Majestic Grand Classic range. You will always be able to find a pedal system that is comfortable and that meets your needs. We offer the following pedal systems:

The Berlin system with stepless setting, also known as "clutch interlocking" (GCBC).
The Berlin system with ratchet setting, but much more refined than in the past (GCBR).
The Dresden system with stepless setting, also known as "clutch interlocking" (GCDC)

Majestic Grand Classic timpani all have a range of more than 1 octave and come in the following sizes: 20", 23", 26”, 29” and 32”. All of them may be ordered in either American or German set up. Tuning gauges will be placed accordingly.

The classic German timpani lacked transport wheels. Lifting and moving these instruments means considerable physical strain, which is no longer prudent today. The Majestic Grand Classic comes equipped with fully collapsible wheels (single-lever system) that fit inconspicuously underneath the timpani. While the instrument is being played, the metal frame remains in continuous contact with the stage, ensuring that the stage acts as a sort of soundboard.

The gleaming metal parts have been traditionally nickel-plated (not chrome-plated). If desired, the tuning tension ring can also be nickel-plated at no extra charge. Grand Classics are typically used with super Kalfo timpani heads from Ireland, tucked in German style on steel flesh hoops. This option is available for an extra charge. Timpani come standard with Remo Renaissance heads. Finally, the entire timpani is completely hand-assembled with great accuracy and precision by a traditional craftsman.