Green Beats

Percussion-Entertainment: stirring, energetic and comical!

Green Beats is a German percussion ensemble which performs a mix of music, show, dance and comedy. The young group´s figurehead are their unique instrument-bulidings on stage.

In 2006 Green Beats originally started as a school ensemble in Hagen a.T.W. Their fancy percussion show captured the enthusiasm of more and more people and the show grew each year.

Green Beats

They released their first DVD in 2010. Now, in 2012, Green Beats celebrates their 5th s tage anniversary. They play about 50 gigs per year at a variety of events. Green Beats is also involved in two German television shows.

Green Beats are best known for their special performances. For example they have played shows on bar stools, watering cans, trash cans, and even on a buzz saw.

What makes Green Beats so unique is their way of combining their drumming with comedic movement and subtied choreographies. Their music is a mix of traditional pieces like Afro Cuban and Latin American tunes and modern pieces with some influences from concert and marching percussion ensembles.

Timm Pieper, founder of Green Beats, says, "We thank Majestic for the great support with the new drums. They considered all of our special requests regarding drum shells and sizes. Their cooperation in building the new bass towers was great. The sound of the drums is marvelous: clear attacks, warm and long sustain. Very crisp snares, singing toms and cool phat basses make the ensemble sound very clear and transparent. Everything is of very robust construction and is ready for the road, without any problems and with less maintenance."

For 2013 Green Beats are planning to establish a second, professional ensemble which will perform a complex stage show with light effects and supported by a rock band.

Watch videos of Green Beats on the Majestic media page. For more information visit and

Green Beats


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