XTD Multi-Toms XQC8024K-GT-CC

XTD Multi-Toms

The XTD multi-toms feature interior plys of walnut for a superior warmth that results in better projection of tone and pitch. The shell combines with the deep progressive cut to produce a loud, full and dark overall sound that doesn't get choked at high tension. The lightweight aluminum tube style lug minimizes hardware-to-shell contact and creates an overall appearance that compliments the XTD snare drums and bass drums.

XTD Multi-Toms XQC68023K-GT-CC


XTD Multi-Toms XQC68023K-GT-CC

The XTD multi-toms series offers three unique straight cut shot drum sizes to suit different configurations. The XQC68023 quints employ the 6”x6” to match the brighter overall timbre, while the XQC680234 set utilizes the 6”x8” to match the darker tone characteristic of the larger shells. Sextets with two 6” toms are equipped with one each 6”x6” and 8”x6” for maximum pitch differentiation.


QAT660234 XTD Agility Multi-Toms

Majestic XTD Agility Multi-Toms provide the reduced carrying weight of shallower shells in response to the ever-increasing demands of body movement and fast-paced drill on the field and the floor. Greater clarity for arenas and domed stadiums is created without sacrifice of feel or pitch through the special acoustic physics of the minimum frontal cutaway and radical porting system.

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