Endeavor Snare Drums

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Endeavor bass drum
ESS1410A and ESS1410AB

Snare Drum

The Endeavor snare drum is available in a variety of sizes and can be delivered with chrome plated or black epoxy coated hardware. All Endeavor snare drums feature 2.3mm steel Power Hoops and all 14” snares are equipped with the famous Majestic parallel mechanism.

Endeavor bass drum

English style Military Band Snare Drum

The Holland made Endeavor 9000 series snare drum combines traditional design with 12 lugs and aluminum stress rings. It guarantees the special sound necessary for this type of playing.

ESS1335S junior snare drum
ESS1335S junior snare drum

High quality junior snare drum

New for 2010 is the first real high quality junior snare drum ESS1335S. A steel shell of 13”x3.5” and standard equipped with a multi-angle carrying bar and leg rest makes this instrument the perfect drum for the very young marching drummers and is also very suitable for educational purposes. As a feature this drum is also available with a special for children developed comfortable leg rest and even is available with a back pack. Advantage of the back pack, with reflectors, is first the safety of the children when traveling and secondly it will help to prevent damaging the drum.

Endeavor marching snare drums now also available with aluminum kettles

When the weight of the 5.1 mm maple/birch kettle of the Endeavor marching snare drum is a problem for the marching drummer, but the high quality of Majestic is preferred there is a solution now. New for 2010 is the availability of Endeavor marching snare drums with aluminum kettles. The 1.5 mm aluminum kettle is light weighted, but still very strong because of the use of a folded edge rim on both sides of the kettle. The aluminum kettle in combination with the famous Majestic parallel snare mechanism results in a light weight drum with an open and bright sound. Standard available in white epoxy coated kettle with chrome or black hardware. Custom coloured kettles and hardware is available on special request.


TSS1001 top snare system
TSS1001 top snare system

Majestic top snare system TSS1001

Especially for bands who are asking for double snared drums, Majestic has developed a complete new and unique top snare system TSS1001. This new system has a throw off handle, but still can be adjusted like a fixed top system. Advantage is the system can be used in Pipe Band Snare Drums that normally have a fixed system. Majestic now will bring these drums with an extra option; the throw off top snare system. The TSS1001 can be ordered as an option in every Majestic snare drum with minimal height of 5”.

Majestic new 2011 accessories

For raising the comfort of playing your Majestic marching snare drum we have developed new accessories. For the very young marching drum players we developed a new junior leg rest, based on the model used on the KM15A marine snare drum. No longer injuries for the very young players using strap style snare drums with a mounted senior leg rest. The new senior leg rest can be adjusted to fit all senior players’ needs and give them a high standard of comfort. To prevent damaging your snare drum when placed on the floor Majestic has developed protection feet. Using a set of 3 feet will keep the rim and snare mechanism free from the floor. Also for snare drum is now available an adjustable carrying hook for the player who is used to a fixed carrying hook, but misses the comfort of adjusting. New in our Quantum Field Series are 2 different models of multi percussion frames.

Protection feet Junior leg rest Adjustable carrying hook
Protection feet

Junior leg rest
Adjustable carrying hook
7226A Multi angle carrying bar 7213A LRHD2020 Heavy Duty Leg Rest
Multi angle carrying bar

Leg rest (short model)
Heavy duty leg rest
DGA Fixed Carrying Hook 7220 Traditional Hook 7226B Multi angle carrying plate
Fixed carrying hook
Traditional hook
Multi angle carrying plate