Majestic Special Drums

Used by the World Champion Showband “Pasveerkorps” from The Netherlands...

  • Traditional brass-lacquered shell 15” x 4 3/4
  • Traditional steel hoops in marine blue epoxy finish, complete with multi-angle carrying bar (8 holes)
  • Traditional leg rest (chromium plated/ p.v..c covered)
  • Modern tension brackets (brass-lacquered) for separate tensioning of batter and snare head (8 tension brackets)
  • Majestic’s revolutionary parallel action snare mechanism (A), fitted-entirely on the hoop and not in or on the shell where it can distort sound and resonance; complete with 10-strand gut snare
  • The snare head can be replaced without dismantling the snare mechanism (pat. pend
  • Complete with felt damper strip

KM15A Marine Snare Drum 15” x 4 3/4” with 10-strand gut snares.
Weight :4.3 kgs(9.5 lbs)

G1719 Majestic Marching Bongo
G1719 Majestic Marching Bongo
G1719 Marching Bongo 17 cm x 19 cm. Weight 1.9 kg. Lug :4
1720 Bongoholder for Snare Drum