Symphonic Series

Timpani represent a significant investment to any music program...

Majestic’s commitment to providing high quality to all levels of players includes all levels of budgets. The Symphonic series features a cast aluminum suspension frame with a choice of kettle materials including precision hammered copper, polished copper and our exclusive FRP fiberglass bowl that allow programs to choose the best fit for their needs. The popular balance style pedal is easy to use and has been designed to provide accurate, stable tuning with a surprisingly light, fluid action.

Symphonic Series


Durable FRP/Parabolic kettle
Also available with cambered Fiberglass kettles

Tuning gauge
Tension rod protection

Durable FRP/Parabolic kettle
Wheels below the pedal
for easy transportation

Tuning gauge
Balance adjusting key
Tuning gauge
Balance spring pedal

Tuning gauge
Remo Renaissance heads
  Durable FRP/Parabolic kettle
Mallet holder mounted
on every 26" timpani

Available with seamless deep drawn copper, aluminium, or FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester) in deep cambered bowl. Computer controlled for consistency.

Hammered or polished (smooth) finishes available on copper kettles. Automated hammering ensures sonic matching of sets, as well as matching of additional drums purchased later.

Cast aluminum with double locking wheels that stop roll and swivel.

Balance style with distinctively light, smooth action.

Large, easy to read adjustable tuning gauge standard. Full range up to 1 octave per drum.

Remo® Renaissance™

Symphonic timpani may be ordered in either American or German set-up. Tuning gauges will be placed accordingly.