Professional Series Marimba

Majestic mallet instruments employ top quality bar materials, advanced tuning methods, and elegant height-adjustable leg systems that make them an outstanding choice for any musical setting.

The flagship model of the Majestic concert mallet series, the M8650H 5-octave professional marimba, exudes an elegant stage presence with solid construction. The newly designed bar geometry is player friendly, with an appreciation for the demands of contemporary marimba repertoire.

Professional Series M8650H Marimba
Octave : 5
Range : C2 - C7
Bar : Honduras Rosewood
Bar Sizes : 41 ~ 82 mm
Pitch : A = 442 Hz
Length: 294 cm
Width (low end) : 112 cm
(high end) : 70 cm
Height : 87 ~ 115 cm
Weight: 183 kg